Enjoy life’s feasts at The Lerato

Enjoy life feasts at The Lerato

The Lerato 1-Bedroom Unit

If you want to expirience a cosmopolitan lifestyle, then The Lerato, Alveo Land’s newest project, is set to offer this pleasure.

Designed specifically for executives, professionals and students within Makati Central Business District (MCBD), th eunits measure from 30 – 32 square meter and cost P3 Million, Regardless of the height and view.

“These are the investor, on-the-go market that wants home, work and play in one continuous area, says Aris Gonzales, Senior Manager for Project Development of Alveo Land.

Further, The Lerato’s amenities – from lap and lounge pools. a workout studio, and the open green spaces that have become one of Alveo’s distinguishing features are completed by boutiques, cafes, and other commercial spaces, all in a close proximity.

Add The Lerato’s convenient locaton that will connect residents to a wide range of destination hotspots – from world-class districts.

“The Lerato is aimed at satisfying the growing hunger of the Filipino for a cosmopolitan lifestyle and a fuller life,”

The lerato’s location makes it both a prime venue for residential living and for offering various dining options as a lifestyle choice, an experience unique to the development.”


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