Megaworld’s Venice offers luxury homes in Italian village

The Venice

A house can be purchased for various reasons. It may be for investment, with the opportunity to lease it out or sell in the future. Or it may just be for estate acquisition, as a tool against inflation and prevailing low interest rates. This is because real estate, such as houses, generally appreciates in value over the long term.

As a gift, a house may pass from the parents to their newlywed son or daughter, for instance. And if you intend to actually live in a house, then the question of which house to buy begs proper consideration and questions. The location, the developer, the profile of the property buyers, the general community of the project and the prospect of your investment appreciating in value in the future all offer some hint on whether this house will become your future home.

One such development worth considering for your future home is The Venice Luxury Residences located in the new, fast-rising township of McKinley Hill in Fort Bonifacio. This seven-tower development of Megaworld Corporation is now being constructed in the heart of this township.

Adjacent to The Venice Piazza and its picturesque St. Mark’s Tower, this new project offers the convenience of living beside pizzerias, gelato shops, wine stores and pasta restaurants, all with offerings for the body and soul – just like how the Italians themselves have lived for centuries.

In the next few years, The Venice Piazza will also complete its own Grand Canal, with expert gondoliers to tour you through the shops lining the canal. Hold your beloved as you pass through the replica of the famed Rialto Bridge. It’s the way to live life, with amore!

Due to its location and the track record of Megaworld, The Venice Lux¬ury Residences has attracted entrepreneurs, top executives, doctors and starting families to purchase one-bedroom to three-bedroom homes, according to Megaworld FVP for marketing and project head Noli Hernandez.

“What makes The Venice attractive among the discriminating set is that it is located within the complete community of McKinley Hill, with an invigorating Live-Work-Play-Learn environment,” Hernandez said.

High-rise office buildings across the street offer careers in multinational business process outsourcing (BPO) companies such as Accenture and Thomson Reuters.

Parents can send their kids to the Chinese International School Manila or the Korean International School Philip-pines, both with strong curricula from the pre-elementary to high school levels. Further learning in business, hotel and restaurant management and culinary discipline can be obtained at Enderun Colleges. All three schools are within walking distance from the new project.

Aside from the play amenities on offer at the Piazza, other amenities are for the exclusive use of residents. More than 20 different amenities are planned for the play deck for their enjoyment. Nature lovers and those with green thumbs will frequent the palm court, meditation garden, garden court and rock garden. Those fascinated with arts will adore the sculptures of Venus and other mythological gods and goddesses. Active bodies will find the fitness station and courts for badminton and tennis a hit. Relaxation is assured at the sauna and spa. With varied amenities such as this, who will not love this place as a luxury abode?

Due to the completeness of this project, it has appreciated in value since its launch two years ago. “The Venice re-mains as one of our top-selling projects, with strong demand boosting prices consistently,” Hernandez said.

If you’re planning to purchase a house to turn into your home, the next few years of your life will be surely filled with love and pleasure in a romantic environment.


  1. #1 by Orange county property on April 4, 2011 - 4:51 am

    Great blog post. Really Venice is a great place to live and its reasonable too.

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