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First blogroll

This is my first blog roll, I’m new into using this word press blog and I find it more interesting. Right now, I’m in the process of testing this site. What could it do. Or what benefit it could give me. I have some blog site @ and some sites which are for business purposes and some site that I have made for online community purposes. BTW I’m matz and I titled this blog “bossbalita” which in a Asian term “tagalog” word and means “Boss” Means “Boss” and “Balita” Means “A News” and in ghetto term.. Sup! Just like  …”Hey Sup!” cool huh! Anyway as profession I’m an web designer, web developer, seo something on a company.. lol its back year 2004 when I started lurking in the net. and developing some new skills.. And found out one of my fav’ was making’ a website.. hehe..

hmmm. I noticed I’d put up a title tag ” my tuklas ka ba?” hmm that means ” what’s new?”  .. I think that’s all for now!


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